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Muslim Countries in Africa

Muslim Countries in Africa

Muslim Countries in Africa are South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya who have a large population of Muslims in their Country. Islam is one of the most populous religions in the world and also in the continent of Africa. Many Muslim Countries in Africa are located in central eastern, western and northern Africa with a very large Muslim population and in many of the countries the majority of the people are believers in the religion of Islam. Muslims and Islam in Africa dates back a long while ago to about the 7thcentury during the time of the Holy Prophet Mohammad SalAllahu Alayhi WaSallam.

Muslim Countries in Africa

Muslim Countries in Africa

According to written references, there were some Muslims that were being persecuted in Saudi Arabia and the holy prophet advised them to leave the country in search of a refuge. The continent of Africa turned out to be that refuge as many Muslim migrated on to the shores of Ethiopia. Then Islam spread like wild fire in Africa over the next few decades where the Muslim population of Africa grew exponentially and many countries and many empires adopted and embraced the religion thus increasing the number of Muslim Countries in Africa.

Some Muslim Countries in Africa

Muslim Countries in Africa and Islamic teachings of the Qur’an, that has been sent down by The Almighty Allah, have been incorporated into the lifestyle of many African Muslims and many Muslim Countries in Africa. Here are some of the prominent Islamic countries on the continent.

  • Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most prominent Muslim Contries in Africa, is it the largest country on the continent of Africa by population and it is the second largest country in Africa. Although just about 51% of the population is actually Muslim that percentage of this heavily populated country is very significant. It has the second highest number of Muslims after Egypt. Islam was first documented in the country back in the 9th century, just about 200 years after the religion first entered into the continent of Africa. It was spread in the country majorly by the influence of the Bornu Empire which reigned over much of the country at that time. Although much of the country still adhered to traditional religions, Islam was slowly being embraced and it spread through the country from the North to the South increasing the number of Muslims Nationally and the number of Muslim Countries in Africa Internationally.

  • Kenya

Kenya is another one of the Muslim Countries in Africa, located in the East of Africa, although Islam is not the religion of the majority of the population of Kenya, Islam is definitely one of the most significant religions in the nation. Islam first entered the country as trader in the 8th century; the Muslims first arrived in the East coast. They settled along the coast and engaged in trade. The Muslim traders married the local Bantu people of Kenya and gave rise to the Swahili people, most of which are Muslims in Africa.

South Africa as Muslim Countries in Africa

  • South Africa

Many of the South African Muslims are descendants of the slaves that came into the country from the Indonesian Archipelago. Muslim Countries in Africa such as South Africa have a large number of Muslim Communities located in the country. Some are descendants of the Kwazulu-Natal, whose ancestors came into the country as traders and servants from South Asia. Another ancestry of South African Muslims are the Muslims that came into the country as immigrants from other parts of Africa and the native converts. The current Islamic tradition in the country are traced back to the arrival of a Malay Sheikh that came into the country from Sumatra, Abdurahman Matebe Shah in 1668

Muslim Countries in Africa

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